“I like to describe Comic-Con as being like the Addams Family – We’re all a little different, but we’re all loved and accepted for who we are.”

Wendy All was a self-defined nerd at Patrick Henry High School. She learned about Comic-Con from a group of classmates in her chemistry class and attended her first committee meeting at Ken Krueger’s bookstore in Ocean Beach in 1973. One of the first young women to be involved in planning the conventions, Wendy reminisces about the inclusiveness of the group and how Comic-Con nurtured her love of learning.
Her scholarly roots are in the sciences, but early Comic-Cons allowed her to see art come to life.  Realizing that she could make a living following her passion, she earned an advanced degree in art. Wendy is an award-winning toy designer who has created toys for Mattel, Hasbro, and Disney. You can visit Wendy’s website at www.wendyall.com.

Interviewed by Jonathan Valdez.

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