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“We were an entrepreneurial bunch and we didn’t think that we couldn’t do it. We just assumed that we could.”

-Mike Towry

In 2009, Comic-Con International commemorated its 40th year of celebrating the comic and popular arts in San Diego. The media was filled with stories that year about who helped spark this pop culture phenomenon. The tender age of the Comic-Con creators is what caught the eye and heart of Lynn Hawkes, Special Projects and External Affairs Officer at San Diego State University Library. Fascinated and wanting to know more, she cultivated a partnership with Richard Alf and Mike Towry and this grant project was born. Read more >>>

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Richard Alf

“I think that San Diego has grown with Comic-Con and I think that the people that come to Comic-Con have come to love San Diego as well as Comic-Con.”

Barry Alfonso

“I wanted to be a creative person myself. I didn’t know in what way, but I wanted to. The idea of meeting a creator of something I loved so much meant a tremendous amount to me. It was really unbelievable to do it.”

Wendy All

“I like to describe Comic-Con as being like the Addams Family – We’re all a little different, but we’re all loved and accepted for who we are.”