Philip Yeh Interview

Philip Yeh

"If we have a convention where a young guy like me can meet a Ray Bradbury or meet Jack Kirby, one-on-one, that's really incredible, that's really amazing."

Phil Yeh has dedicated his life to literacy and the arts. In 1970, his family moved to Seal Beach, California where he attended Los Alamitos High School. He convinced his father to drive him to San Diego for the first Comic-Con in 1970 when he was 15 years old. There, he was mentored and inspired by Jack Kirby and Ray Bradbury to pursue his passion for the comic arts.

At age 16, he started his own publishing company, Eastwind Studios, and started writing his own books. In 1973, Phil created Uncle Jam, a magazine dedicated to the arts. He started Cartoonists Across America & The World in 1985 and received the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award in 1989. Phil sees comics as a gateway to reading and continues to create graphic novels. You can view his website at

Interviewed by Jonathan Valdez


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